IMVU Credits Hack

IMVU Hack – Free Credits Cheats 2019

IMVU is the world’s most popular instant messenger game and chatroom. The game enables you to create unique, personalized 3D Avatars and explore the various environments created. There are over 100,000 items in the game that allow you to create the avatar of your dreams to interact with other players, and the game has over 1 million active users. The game is free to play, but the game overall if more enjoyable if you spend money for credits, so that you can get access to beautiful avatar upgrade, cool actions, and unique rooms. You can generate credits using a IMVU Credits hack.

IMVU has been called a more realistic sims game, and is appropriate for kids age 13 and up. The avatars in the game have adult bodies, not teenage ones and the game has received criticism for overly suggestive outfits for particularly female avatars. Players can block anyone who is offensive to them, but there is no chat filter that stops randomly profane or explicit conversation. However, most younger players seem to enjoy their experience on IMVU. However, it seems more likely that people are simply spending time trying to get in game currencies. The use of IMVU Credits hack can help make this easier. Below are some of the in-game items and currencies, which will make you more successful and popular in the game.


IMVU Credits are the primary currency in the game, and can mainly only be paid for in order to buy avatars, clothing, and rooms. There are regular credits, promo credits, and dev credits. Regular credits are purchases in increments of 5000 – which costs $5. There are certain discounts the more you buy, and the cheaper/most credits you can get is 300,000 regular credits for $200. They can also be obtained through currency cards in stores like Target or Best Buy. Naturally, they are the most sought out kind of credits on IMVU, but can get pretty expensive. If you don’t have enough money to buy credits, we recommend you use some sort of IMVU credit cheat.

Promo Credits:

The other two types of credits are promo credits and dev credits. Promo credits work just like regular credits on IMVU, except you can’t use them to buy gifts for other people, and you have to earn them. You receive promo credits from doing things like creating your avatar, or completing the tutorial. They are also offered as a bonus from the IMVU recruit-a-friend program, and can be obtained daily by spinning the wheel. Promo credits are decent, because they are free, but pale in comparison to the regular, paid credits on IMVU.

Dev Credits:

Lastly we have dev credits, known as content developer credits. These are tokens earned by content creators whenever someone on IMVU purchases an item they have created. They convert at a rate of ten dev credits equaling one regular credit. They are a nice bonus for content creators, but, unfortunately, are still lackluster when compared to regular credits.

Getting Credits on IMVU

Credits are the only currency in the game, and are how you buy new items for your IMVU avatar. Besides this, you pay a one-time fee in order to pay off your avatar’s name (otherwise you will be known as Guest__ for your entire time on IMVU, which is definitely not optimal). You also have to use credits to change your name, or to verify your age when you’re 18_. Additionally, IMVU has passes that can be purchased, but they are not free. IMVU requires you be at least 13 years of age to play, but the AP pass specifically requires that you be 18 and older as well. There are groups, forums, and chat rooms that ONLY Access Pass holders have access to, in addition to AP only items.

There’s also a VIP pass for IMVU, which includes several beenfits including 5,000 credits per month and no visible ads.

You can understand why people are looking for how to hack IMVU when you see how important credits are.

How to Get Credits on IMVU

Here are a couple of popular ways that IMVU users earn credits. The #1 method is by completing offers on IMVU’s website. Then, you can also do surveys (which most people hate doing), watch videos, invite friends to play IMVU, which we mentioned above, or get credits from daily login rewards. However, most of the free ways to earn credits on IMVU are deliberately hard, slow, or give miniscule amounts of credits, because at the end of the day, they want you to be buying their credits.

Which is why we think more people should make use of the online IMVU credits hack to get credits for free.

IMVU is one of the most popular games in the world, but the only thing holding it back is the need to get credits for players. Once you start playing, don’t forget to use the IMVU free credits hack so you can keep up with other players spending a lot of money on the game. This tool will make it easy to generate regular IMVU credits as much as needed. Have fun!